Opening Weekend Registration is Online

We’re happy to share that Opening Weekend enrollment is online, and demand has been strong – we already have 150 vendors registered for the weekend. Registration opened at midnight, and will continue until space is exhausted – we don’t know that you are coming unless you register (either for a Season Pass or the event weekend). Walk-ups are not going to be possible for the first few months, so please let us know if you are planning to participate.

As is always the case, we understand that farms are not certain when their produce will be ready – we know how to handle that dance, just let us know as soon as you get a target weekend in mind.

Also, River Market April is also open for enrollment - along with Erlanger. Both of those markets are sold-out for March, so I wanted to point out the new availability. It feels as though this is going to be a busy season, and I’m personally looking forward to the warm sunshine and Spring flowers during the weeks ahead


Season pass vendors do not have to register correct? Sorry for stupid question I’m sure just double checking

correct, you are already registered

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UPDATE: the Arts/Crafts allocation is now sold-out for Opening Weekend, but space remains in the Farms/Foods categories and a few more Food Truck slots are still available. If you are an Arts/Crafts vendor and didn’t register in time, you have a couple of options:

  • River Market will operate on Saturday, April 29 (parallel to Opening Weekend); it also sold out in 2022, but currently has availability.
  • We will release remaining slots on April 1 from other categories, if unused space exists. Our Season Pass program is a bit heavy towards the foods/farms, so it’s possible that a dozen or two additional booths may become available.
  • We’re not going to manage/implement a waitlist for this weekend, but you are welcome to contact the Help Desk if you are a regular and desire to participate in Opening Weekend. The “interest list” will help us to more accurately address any reallocation of booths as we near the April 1 transition point.

Also, all May markets/events will go live on April 1 as well – and historically, the Chattanooga Market Spring Season is quite popular with vendors due to the comfy weather. (Sales remained strong throughout 2022, but you definitely work a bit harder for it as those temperatures rise into the hot summer/fall months!). You should consider setting a reminder to check registrations on April 1 if you intend to participate with the May events; Season Pass holders are already registered for those prepaid markets.


What time do the markets go live to sign up usually? So I can try and get a spot. Thank you!!

Typically at midnight on the announced day – when the technology cooperates! (Not all efforts go according to plan)

so bummed that I missed it - would love to be on a waitlist if possible.