Opening Weekend Setup/Hours

A quick reminder: setup begins at 2pm on Friday, April 22 and concludes by 8pm. We are open on Saturday/Sunday from 10am-5pm (our normal hours are 11am-4pm on Sunday, but for Opening Weekend people arrive early and stay late)

To dust the cobwebs off the fuzzy COVID memories:

  • tents are a good idea, and weights to hold your tents to the ground are mandatory
  • it can get windy in the Spring; prepare for the unexpected
  • don’t forget to drop sales envelopes every night
  • we have overnight security, but use common sense – and watch out for your neighbors, too
  • parking only in the Pavilion lot with a vendor parking pass, or the state gravel lot across the street off 20th. Enforcement is active for all other parking zones, and your vendor pass does not exempt you from those other areas. If you get a ticket, it’s on you

Finally, the map/vendor list is below. Only Season Pass holders select their locations – everyone else is assigned, with priority to the more senior folks. It’s kind of crazy; as would be expected, our Season Pass holders are generally the higher Priority Point folks. The Priority Points of those who open registered for Opening Weekend surpass a cumulative point value of 11,926 points, with an average point value of 100! I don’t have the PPs of the Season Pass holders handy. but it would certainly skew the numbers higher.

If you are new, welcome! If you aren’t, welcome back! It’s going to be an exciting season!

Vendor Name Location
7T Designs N50
Alessandro’s Italian Artisan Bakery I38
Almanac Supply Company K19
Angel Skin Body Care H16
Anisa’s Secrets Inc F24
Appalachia Wood K20
Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treats C38
Art Farm H18
Artisan works by Anne A9
Asarum I44
Baker Family Pastures E50
Barton Creek farms C44
Bloom by Kettle Creek H26
Blue Light Studio F11
Bluff View Bakery D31
Bo Peeps Black Sheep D24
boxwood brake K25
Britt’s Leather Hats I22
Burlaep G46
Burton’s Maplewood Syrup F20
California Smothered Burrito Food Truck FF3
Cart & Seoul CC8
ChaiBiscuits A26
Carmey Cay Art O50
Chattanooga Brew Brew A35
Chattanooga Brew Brew K2
Chattanooga Clay Company K18
Chattanooga Showroom C23
Chef Express Cafe D50
Cheiman Tea C28
Classy Chic Remade F17
Claybyjessi K11
Clumpies K6
Cluster Funk Studio H12
Cocoa Asante K35
CocoWick K16
Connie Roberts Fine Art C24
Connie’s Creations D18
Cove Creek Farm J50
Creative Metal Adornments C26
Crowns&Heights C17
CrumbleBerry C30
CW Woodworking H25
D. Jones Designs I14
Dad’s BBQ Philly Cheese and More EE8
Daylilies F33
DIckey Farms D39
Divine Purity F18
DM Woodturning H21
Dorky Doodads M46
Dorothy Ellen Kay S46
Doug McCoy Art C16
DR Dye’s Clinic K17
Dragonfly Woodwork A23
Earthly Indigo R46
Edie Harlin Designs A11
Edna’s Daughter K32
Escential Things J46
Faces By Deb C6
FarmtoMed F23
Federal Bake Shop F21
Final Girl Vegan Food B50
Finwood Staffs K24
Forget Me Not Candle N46
Fresh and smooth H50
Frik and Frak I34
Fro daddy donuts A44
from me to you A17
Front Porch Pottery I13
Fud Vybez food truck FF5
Fulkerson Art A10
Full Circle Candle H29
Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce A27
Glass Cannon Studio F14
Gorgeous chaos designs F9
Green Skull Designs D14
Groovy Gardens A24
Grumpy Old Goat K28
Halo Dips F27
Hazelrig Orchards H38
Heavens Sweet Tooth K26
High Road Soap D26
I Love Tacos CC1
Innovative Creative A16
Ivory and Oak T46
J Bond Custom Builds P46
John Arnemann D9
Johnson Family Woodworks K22
Jonny Poppers C50
KB Artisans and Forge H13
Kei’s Crafty Tearalins A15
Kerya T D13
Kettle Creek Designs F26
Kevin Livingood Photography H27
Kim Crews Handmade Blankets Q46
Lab Underground Q50
Lady Belle Macarons F29
Lalos Sauce H22
Lambie Cakes Clay I46
LCPP Walking Animal Balloons A7
Leaf & Petal A22
Lily Pond Lapidary I29
Lola (previously the creative blonde) K15
Loose Leaf by Kettle Creek I26
Low Country Cajun Seafood & More A46
Luna Bijou Studio D10
Luna Lime Candles K10
Lupi’s (HOLD) K3
Macrame by Betsy Laurent C21
Madhouse Ceramics K46
Maria Gomez C12
Marshall and Rose A21
Melon Patch F37
Midway Mushrooms A38
Miller’s Lemonade C42
Miller’s Lemonade J1
Mini Kitty Designs I9
Mix It Up C35
Moccasin Bend Soap Company C18
Molly’s Sweet Shop K39
Momma Poe’s T50
Monster Cookies K37
Morningstar D46
Mountain mist creations K23
Myers Beef Farm K33
Nat’s Wraps K29
Nisha’s Flavors of India C27
Noble Woodcraft K9
Noke’s Granola D28
Nomadic treasures C10
Nonni’s Empanadas K4
Off the cart K5
Oliver Family Business I23
One Mission Mercantile C13
P & D Jewelry H23
Pa Flowers F30
Paulina Fae I12
Photography by Chris Schniering H14
Pie R Square K38
Pippy Wren Prints D22
Plum Darlin K14
Prehistoric Perk Coffee Company F50
Raggedy Quilts C22
Ramble on Design F15
Real Cajun market I33
Red Clay Farm H36
reel em in fresh seafood A41
Renegade silver C9
Riedel Gallery I16
Rising Dawn Boutique H17
Rising Fawn Nursery I36
robert emery chocolate K31
Rosemary Knoll H34
Ryan’s Pepperworks K34
Sacred Harvest D27
Sali’s Creations H9
Samila Designs O46
Sassy Sweets K30
Seahorse Snacks A25
Seasons I18
Simplici Soap Factory I17
Simply Southern Bakery H33
Sky Dog Boutique H10
Sleepy Hollow Farm K27
Smoky Mountain Pottery and Glass Art K13
Smoky Mountain Sweets B42
Southerly Flower Farm I41
Sowing Seeds Farm H30
Spill the Beans G44
Stephen McIntyre Apparel LLC S50
Steven Llorca Creative Media D21
StoneLink Designs I27
Suga’s I30
Sugar Shoppe D34
Susan Parry Designs I25
Sweet Caroline Cheesecakes A39
Sweet Southern Delight Scent Company R50
Sweet Sue I10
Sweet Tides K12
That Elderberry Lady D23
The Kettlecorn Man O44
The Leather Underground I21
The Milk Lady K36
The Roots A18
The Rustic House D12
The Secret Garden C39
The waffle iron A1
The Well Turned Pen F12
Tracie’s Tasty Treats K21
Universal Caramels A30
Velvet robot C7
VSOutdoorSnaps A12
Wanderlust and Wolf D16
Whiskey Nights Candle Co L50
Will Eason Art M50
Windy City Eatz EE1
Wise Leatherworks and Jewelry C14
Words Matter P50
World Food Tribe, LLC FF1
Yamalka"s Creations U50
Zocalo I37

Hey Chris, is this our booth space just for opening weekend? I assume it will change a little each weekend based on the amount of people signed up and everything?
Also, are we required to set everything up on Friday? Mine wouldn’t take me too long to set up on Saturday, but I will there on Friday for the orientation so I could if needed

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Right, only Season Pass holders have a static booth - everyone else may change weekly. Sat setup may begin at 8am, but must be ready by 10am.

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Thanks for the info Chris. Really looking forward to getting this season started. Hope this is a Great weekend for All vendors.

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Hey, is J46 outside? I can’t see the map clearly?

Yes - interior range is A1 through K42

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Don’t see New South Trading Co. on the list…???

Might be under your other name - I see A16 on the list

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Ahhhh you’re right. Phew. We will setup tomorrow. What time is good… like 8am…?

I’m definitely late to this party, but forgot to ask Brandi yesterday. All Market advertising shows Sunday 11-4, but you’ve told us here it’s 10-5. I slept a bit later, assuming we opened at 11:00. Can you clear this up? I realize you may not see this, but thought I’d reach out. Thank you!

Read the first paragraph of the notice above😃

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