2024 Opening Weekend Logistics

The time has come, my friends! We’re just a few short weeks away from Opening Weekend, and I know it’s going to be a little crazy for everyone during that time. So, since we’re all sold out, I thought I’d go ahead and post about Opening Weekend logistics so it’ll be smooth sailing when the time comes.

Also, note that Season Pass payments are due. Failure to make payments by April 15th will result in cancellation of your reserved booth position, and loss of guaranteed participation. Contact the Help Desk if you need to make special arrangements; we understand that life gets complicated, and can deal with those situations on a case-by case basis.

Friday, April 26, 2024 - SETUP

  • vendor load-in: 1pm until 7pm
  • new vendor orientation: 5pm
  • do not arrive before 1pm; you will be turned away. Late arrival is also discouraged, as our overnight security will escort you off-premise.
  • check in at front desk, confirm your booth location, and park/unload/setup
  • only Season Pass vendors may drive into the pavilion
  • Season Pass holders: check-in, get your 2024 Parking Pass then drive-in from the front entrance of pavilion
  • reminder: drive-in will end once venue becomes sufficiently congested that vehicles are deemed unsafe by managers.

Saturday, April 27, 2024 - Opening Saturday

  • vendor access: 8am
  • no vendor drive-in available; park and unload/setup only
  • do not arrive prior to 8am; you will not be able to setup until our 8am staff can confirm your booth placement.
  • all vehicles must be clear of public spaces by 9am
  • event hours: 10am-5pm
  • reminder: daily sales drops

Sunday, April 28, 2024 - Opening Sunday

  • vendor access: 8am
  • no vendor drive-in available; park and unload/setup only
  • do not arrive prior to 8am; you will not be able to setup until our 8am staff can confirm your booth placement.
  • all vehicles must be clear of public spaces by 9am
  • event hours: 11am-5pm
  • vehicle load-out: 5:30pm onto street; 6pm into pavilion

Note that we linger later on Opening Sunday than is our normal practice… last year, things cleared out fairly smoothly so we broke down a bit sooner. Bottom line: don’t run your customers off, and expect a one-hour delay on our breakdown process explained here.

Without further ado - please see preliminary booth assignments below. These are subject to change prior to the event, so still check in at the front desk when you get there on Friday or Saturday. Season Pass holder assignments were indicated on your invoice, but if you have questions about your location, feel free to ask at the help desk (help@chattanoogamarket.com).

*Edit: I added Season Pass Holders to the list below. If you don’t see your name for Opening Weekend and you think you should, please let me know.

Company Name Booth
Aart D12
Abow’s Art (Annabelle Tarter Art) T46
America Runs On Pizza Q50
Angel Skin Body Care H13
Anisa’s Secrets D27
Appalachia Wood D13
Arin’s Good Girl Dog Treats CC46
Art Farm H18
Asarum A50
Back to Basic A25
Barton Creek Farms C44
BearPaw Jewelry N46
Blue Light F9
Bluff View Bakery D31
Bopcha FF3
Boxwood Brake K21
Boyd Woodworking H17
Brazier Moon I10
Burleap A46
Burton’s Maplewood Syrup D22
C & K Snowy Delights C50
Calm Your Vibes EE46
Cannon Studio F17
Cha Thai Street Food A44
Chattanooga Beard Co. K14
Chattanooga Kombucha M46
Chattanooga Showroom C12
Chattatater S50
Chattown Candle K22
Chef Izin A27
Chei-Man Tea C28
Chilebrand K17
Chop Jerky K26
Classy Chic Remade F14
Cluster Funk Studio H12
CocoWick D17
Connie Roberts D24
Creations From Autumn’s Closet A24
Creative Metal Adornment C26
Curated Provisions Co C38
CW Woodworking H25
Daylillies D37
Designs by Baerreis K19
Dickey’s Farm D39
Divine Purity F18
Doug McCoy Arts C16
Dragonfly Stained Glass Design P46
Earthly Indigo K12
Ebb and Flow Art by Sarah U46
Elena Johnson Art BB46
Escential Things A16
Evergreen and Market I36
Faces by Deb C6
Fae Folk Art K11
Familiar Bakery K3
Federal Bake Shop F21
Fiber Happy H22
Final Girl Vegan Food A1
Flutterbies-Art With A Message K18
Forget Me Not D10
Fox and Forest A11
Freaky Funnels FF5
Frik and Frak I34
Fro-Daddy Donuts I44
Front Door & Home Decor by Beth O46
Front Porch Pottery I16
Fud Vybez EE8
Full Circle H29
Girl Almighty Art K23
Gitts Bajan Pepper Sauce A26
GoGyroGo I1
Gorgeous Chaos F15
Gowin Valley Farms Mushrooms F27
Grateful Begonia Y46
Green Skull D14
Groovy Gardens A41
Grumpy Ole Goat K28
Halo Dips C24
Hartsyfartsy Caricatures K13
Heavenly Hill Honey K32
Heavens Sweet Tooth K29
High Priest Design I21
High Road D26
Hive Holistics C27
I Love Tacos CC1
Jar Masala K34
John Arnemann D9
Johnny Hughes F32
Jonny Poppers CC8
Joyful Hearts E50
June Imagined I14
KB Artisans and Forge H16
Kei’s Crafty Tearalins A15
Kettle Corn Man F29
Kettle Creek Designs F24
Kevin Livingood H27
King’s Elderberry I30
Lalos Sauce, Pronama I26
LCPP Walking Pet Balloons A8
Leaf & Petal A22
Lily Pond Lapidary I29
Lindsey Prince I22
Little Read Book Box J46
Llorca Creative Media D21
Lola by Lauren D23
Lookout Mountain Glass K15
Lucky Farms K38
Macrame by B. Laurent C21
Madhouse Ceramics C22
Marshall and Rose A21
Me and a Tree C9
Melon Patch F38
Michelle’s Bakery K25
Mike’s Monster Cookies I37
Miller’s Lemonade C42
Miller’s Lemonade J1
Millie Rae Co. C17
MiniKitty I9
Mirth and Metal A9
Miss Griffin’s H50
Misty Morning Meadows Pottery and Wood Turning X46
Moccasin Bend Soap & Beard D18
MohMoh Asian Food Truck J50
Mom’s Za’atar K31
Mudhoe Pottery Studio K46
Mushroomtop Tea F26
Myers Farm Beef K36
New South Trading Co. A12
Noble Woodcraft I13
Noke’s Granola D28
Nonni’s K5
Off the Cart K7
Oliver Family Business I23
P & D Designs H23
Pa and Flowers F35
Paulina Fae C18
Photography by Chris H14
Pickett Wooden Creations A28
Pippy Wren D16
Plum Darlin K9
Project Free2Fly I17
Ramble On Design F20
RC Farms A38
Real Cajun Market I38
Red Clay Farm H36
Reel 'Em In H33
Renegade Jewelry F11
Rising Fawn Nursery K41
Rosemary Knoll H34
Ryan’s Pepperworks I33
Sali’s Creations H9
Seasons I18
Sharings Creations A10
Siblings A17
Sky Dog H10
Sleepy Hollow Herb Farm K27
Smoky Mountain Sweets I41
Southern Steel and Wood S46
Southernclaybyejide W46
Sowing Seeds H30
Spill the Beans G44
Sponable Goat Milk K20
Steal Your Seal V46
StoneLink Designs I27
Strange Wicks Candle Co A23
Studio Prima Stained Glass DD46
Suga’s Pimento Cheeses K30
Sugar Shoppe D34
Susan Parry I25
Sweet Girl Honey Farm D38
Taqueria el Jaguar V50
The Bearded Monkey K24
The Milk Lady K35
The Rustic House F23
The Waffle Iron O50
The Well Turned Pen F12
Thistle + Thorn Clay Co Z46
ThreadBear Creates R46
Tracie’s Tasty Treats I12
TurnRoad Jerky C30
Universal Caramels K37
Velvet Robot C7
VS Outdoor Snaps A18
Wanderlust and Wolf C10
Wandr Art Q46
Whippoorwill Woods Farm H38
Whiskey Nights Candle Co H26
White Oak A42
Wiggles & Giggles C23
Windmill Gardens C39
Windy City Eatz EE1
Wise Leatherworks C14
Wondering Watercolor C13
Words Matter K10
Zocalo K33

I got scared for a second, didn’t see our name on the list. Then I reread the last paragraph.

I did too. I’ve already sent an email…LOL. Geez, I complain about people not reading and look at me NOT READING…


So sorry for the undue worry! I’ll add Reserved Booth/Season Pass Holders this afternoon. I didn’t mean to make you feel left out! :slight_smile:

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Are spots outside the pavilion (i.e. row 46) able to set up on Friday, or should we wait until Saturday morning?


Everyone is able to setup on Friday, if desired. We do suggest that you consider the elements which can’t be controlled, and act conservatively.

Specifically, make sure your fixtures are secured, heavily weighted and able to withstand the spring winds or sudden rains which are so common this time of year. Also, it’s best to keep valuables packed away tightly to prevent casual shopping.

We will have CPD onsite overnight, but reasonable efforts to protect your possessions is 90% of the process.