Organic? Therapeutic Grade?

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This seems to be an ongoing topic for the body care folks…
It can be confusing… Let’s work through this … :slight_smile:

Certification can only be made by the National Organic Program regarding these standards.

“My soap is made with organic ingredients.
Can I advertise my soap as organic?”


To be certified organic, soap has to contain 95% organic ingredients.
The ratio of sodium hydroxide (lye), not organic, falls outside the parameters of adding up to 95%. There is no such thing as “organic soap”.

Some soap companies will find an outside association to certify their soap…
It is not a national standard.

“My body care products are made with organic ingredients.
Can I advertise my body care products as organic?”


My products are made with organic oils. Can I advertise that my products are made with organic oils?

The product must contain 70% organic ingredients and be certified…

yes … we like to hawk our recipes and ingredients … yes … I let folks know my ingredients are organic …

We all want to sell our products. Trying to get an edge by advertising products as organic when they have not been certified is disingenuous.

Essential OIls …

There is no national standard for essential oils known as “therapeutic grade”.
This is a term created for marketing purposes … such as “The Greatest Show on Earth…”

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