Pay a Visit - Collegedale Market

One of the things I LOVE about “the thing” we do is the Market Family! Many of you have made efforts over the past few years to help us launch the Collegedale Market. Growing a market, though, isn’t easy!! Sometimes there’s not enough customers, sometimes there are not enough vendors…it goes back and forth until it settles out. It can take years…

About now—if you’re going downtown—you may be ready for a change of pace. Collegedale Market is an easier day…hours are 10am-2pm. It’s a comfy (and a cooler) environment where you can work smarter not harder. This past weekend, a few of our vendors divided and conquered both markets…and their sales in Collegedale were just under what they did downtown!

Give it a try—again—and commit to come once or twice before the season out there in Collegedale ends. Thank you in advance, it takes a village!