River July now available

Registrations for July are now posted to the vendor site. Please note that this location is still operating under limited space capacities, and thus will likely sell-out quickly. We will update the ticketing system to include additional spaces once our event partners at this location modify their COVID strategy

Not able to register for either River Market or Chatt Market, Chris. River market showing sold out as of 6:40 PM 2 May with no vendors listed. Chattanooga Market only shows May and June.

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It looks like a software update glitched something up - I’ll have to check with the vendor tomorrow. Computers!

Yup, same issue for a couple of tries with different browsers.

OK – sorry folks, but I think the River tickets are back online. There were several software updates by the server people… apparently one of them gunked up the inner workings somehow.

I’ve just tested, and it appears to be working OK.

Hello! Why does July’s River Market read Out of stock with only 10 or 11 vendors displaying? Is there a problem with the program? Please advise. Thank you.

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Hi Glenda! The Season Pass vendors are not included in the 11 available spots – so everything is working exactly as needed. There were only a dozen or booths available, and they went within minutes.

OK. I understand. Thank you.

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Any chance additional spaces will open up for July at River Market? This is our best venue! Haven’t been able to sign up for any.

We have not been given the clearance to add capacity yet. We are hopeful, too.