River Market 2024 Sunday Hours

In spite of projected monsoon conditions for Saturday morning, the time change Saturday night, and general confusion over the start time Sunday morning, this weekend’s River Market was a great first weekend! Hats off to everyone who stuck it out! There were some nice, fat envelopes from both days.

Moving into this weekend, I can’t do anything about weather forecasts, or the government stealing an hour of sleep, but I can clear up confusion about River Market hours. Saturday will remain as always - roll call at 9 am, market starts at 10 am and closes at 5 pm. For Sunday, roll call will be at 9 am, market starts at 10 am, but closes an hour earlier at 4 pm.

I hope that helps! And just so everyone is ready for roll call, maybe plan to be there a little before go time. If you are running late, you can let the manager know by texting or calling the operations line at 423-565-9115.


It was a good weekend


It was. We enjoyed meeting you, being your neighbor, and enjoying our turmeric-infused honey! it is delicious!

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We are so happy to be back! Thank you to all the vendors that eat lunch from us! We appreciate you!