River Market Opening Weekend

It’s Spring Time in Chattanooga! In the 70s today, possible flurries on Monday, Spring Break at the River Market this weekend.

We are going to be a full house - all sign ups for March are full (April still has quite a few spots if you’re looking to participate). Just a reminder, for the first four weekends, we’ll be there Saturday (10 am - 5 pm), and Sunday (10 am - 4 pm).

For opening weekend at the River Market, the timeline will be slightly different than the usual River Market timeline.

  • 8am New Vendor Orientation begins on Saturday
  • 8:30am Market Desk Opens
  • 8:45am Season Pass booth selection begins
  • 9am regular vendor roll-call and setup begins
  • 10am River Market opens
  • 5pm River Market ends on Saturday; 4 pm River Market ends on Sunday.

Also - please review the River Market Parking Guidelines as a reminder of restrictions on vendor parking.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email the help desk (help@chattanoogamarket.com) or contact the operations number (423-565-9115) prior to the event. For any last minute issues on the day of, please call the operations number.


Well finallyI get to enjoy the market as a shopper. :shopping_cart::shopping::grin::heart:

Hey Sarah, Is everyone picking spots or just vendors that opted in this year?

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What time is best for Cart and Seoul to arrive Saturday for set up?


Hey Rocky - I would shoot for a little after 8. You’ll enter off of chestnut, and you may need to have security at the bottom of the hill let you in (they’ll have to lower the bars so you can park on the plaza). You can call operations (423-565-9115) if you have any trouble with it.

Everyone must go through the booth selection process during setup; Saturday will also be the 2023 Season Pass River Market Reserved Booth selections as well.

I don’t think my question was clear. If I had a reserved booth last year at River. Do I get to keep the spot i already had? Or do we have to go the selection process again.

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Although the outcome will likely be the same for you, we will do a complete refresh at River – layouts change on occasion due to external influences such as CTC occupying the bunker office. Jake and Brandy will help to navigate those waters on Saturday.


Question about River Market orientation. I signed up for the orientation on Saturday, April 1st for my first vendor day on Sunday but I live in Knoxville. Is there any way that I can join the orientation via zoom or FaceTime?

Nope. But you can register to attend the Market on the same day as your orientation, and vend after you orientate

Is that even a word? ha

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Yes dear it is…HA

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Ooo Update…word of the dayha!:grin:

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Thanks Chris! Unfortunately there aren’t any spots left for the first Saturday in April.

Is there a waiting list for filled days?

Hi Catie - there’s no waiting list, but we do allow walk up vendors for just $5 more. We can never guarantee a spot if you’re a walk up vendor, but about 98% (very unscientific estimate) of the time, we can accommodate a walk up or two. We will also update Sign Up Genius if someone calls out before the day of the event, so you might check back in there periodically.

Catie: to follow Sarah’s very accurate response – another option would be for you to simply signup for the next orientation and river market simultaneously when those dates are published on April 1. That was my first thought, then Sarah accurately pointed out that people do drop-out for various reasons at the last minute, and indeed a faster start is possible. I would even go as far as to say her answer is better :slight_smile:

Angela: you are a nut! Thanks for the laugh

Thank you both! I think I’ll come in for orientation on Saturday and keep my fingers crossed for a walk-in spot then do Sunday either way.

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I haven’t received any info on where to go for the orientation on Saturday. Is there an address where we meet?

It’s at the River Market. Directions – The Chattanooga Market

I’ll make sure you get to the right spot, Catie! :slight_smile: I’m so excited you’re joining us!

ERIC!! I was hoping I’d see you this weekend! Looking forward to it!