River Market May Markets now Available

Registration for May River Markets are now available. A few tweaks:

  • Only Saturdays are currently posted; if we decide that Fridays are as productive as we hope for them to be, we will add additional Fridays (for May) at a later date. But we want to see how they go first, and base the future on the feedback.

  • Several vendors expressed some concern about having less than an hour to setup between roll-call and the official “market start” of 10am at River Market. To reduce anxieties, we are pushing the official starting hour to 10:30am, providing 90 minutes of setup. Sales may begin at any point the vendor wishes (no later than 10:30am), so we hope this makes everyone feel a bit more comfortable.

  • There are inherent conflicts between Reserved Booths and the COVID19 issues - I’m just not entirely sure how to reconcile them all. So for now, we’re going to proceed as we have been and try to address individual concerns on a one-on-one basis. Hopefully this season will get better/safer as it progresses, and some of these questions will fade away.

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This is our first year. Does this mean that we should not arrive 9? If we did arrive early, would we be able to off load and know where to go? We don’t want to try and get in front of anyone, just a little nervous.

roll call will still be at 9am – so you should definitely arrive slightly prior to 9am to participate in that process (booth selection)