River Market Food Truck Sign Ups

Hi Food Truckers,

There has been a recent increase in interest from food trucks in the River Market. As you may be aware, we can usually only accommodate one food truck in the space we are given by the aquarium. For that reason, we are going to start a rotation of interested vendors for this market starting the month of September.

For the vendors who have already signed up in the food truck spots for September, I will issue a refund for your second weekends. For other vendors who are interested in River Market, let me know (help@publicmarkets.us) and I will add you to the rotation. We will open a second food truck spot for Labor Day, but all other weeks will only have one food truck. Please keep in mind, though, that there will only be a few weekends in October before the River Market ends its season, so we may not be able to accommodate everyone who is interested.

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Wow, I see we were removed and this is our first time getting to participate in River Market. This information should have been shared prior to people signing up and paying or take in effect next month or next year. It’s truly unfair for people who have never participated to be removed after staying up late to sign up and pay to participate in this market.

Hi Tina,

Yes, you were refunded and removed from the sign up for one of the two weekends you signed up for. You are still signed up to participate in the market the weekend of the 10th. So you, as well as others, will all get to participate in the River Market.

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