Save the Date: Sat Nov 26

Hey all – we’ve been approached by a higher-profile entity who is planning to hold a Tree Lighting and related celebration on Sat Nov 26 from noon until 8pm (the lighting); live entertainment will be present throughout the day, and they are seeking approximately 6 food trucks and 2-3 dozen holiday artisans for an outdoor Christmas Market.

I’m not going to spoil the fun by revealing their identity/plans just yet, but it’s notable and will receive solid media/community attention - and may become the start of a new annual tradition.

If this is of interest to you, please indicate using the poll below – more details to follow. I believe we were their first outreach, and they have a bit more coordination to prepare before we can divulge the specifics. I will say that I’m optimistic based on the organizing entity - they definitely have the capacity to do this correctly.

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Update: this date has changed, and they are now looking at Fri Dec 2. That overlaps with our Holiday Market setup, so we will not be participating as an organization.

Once they firm up the remainder of their plans, we’ll post contact info so that those who wish to participate may do so directly with the organizers.