Holiday Market 2021 - Sold Out

It’s that time of year when Holiday Market reaches full capacity, and the joyful preparations for the end of the season arrives. Thanks to everyone who signed up to make this the best Holiday Market ever!

With the supply chain disruptions we’ve all been experiencing in the stores, I do feel that the surge of demand for local gifts and goods is going to be strong this season – I’ll go out on a limb here and say that if stores are unable to restock from overseas suppliers, then the only option available is for people to shop local manufacturers. This is a bit of a perfect scenario, at least for those of us who love and support local merchants and manufacturers.

My recommendation is that everyone begin to build extra inventory, and prepare for a busy Holiday Market season. We typically see sales over $400k in December, which is a great boost for our artisans, but I do feel this year might be special. Plan ahead, produce more goods, and hopefully we can influence the future purchasing habits of more people to create multi-year strength from our disrupted economy.


Holiday Market is sold-out; additional spaces will not be made available. If something does change, we will make a posting to this forum. There is no waitlist or other communication mechanism – this is it!

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Thanks Chris this is great advice! Definitely looking forward to this holiday season.

Hey Chris, is there any type of pamphlet or schedule or anything we can hand out to customers to remind them of the Holiday Market and info as to dates, times and location. Thanks,

Pamphlets just get trashed instantly; we have already started our marketing spend on TV, radio, billboards and print for the event. Social will also get a push closer to the event, although some of those channels are less effective as people pull away from FB.

The regulars are already coming – our marketing is towards everyone else to help them discover Holiday (again). This is one of our larger spends/cycles.

Hey y’all! I’m not sure where to do this but we missed the deadline and would love to attend. If someone cannot make it, we would love to take that spot off your hands!