SipTN Vendors - Special Event


Edit: Thank you for your interest - we’ve received all the applications we need. We’ll be sending out decisions soon.

Hello all!

We’re pleased to announce that SipTN is returning this year to the First Horizon Pavilion on March 23!

Like most of our Special Events, this event is by invitation only. But if you want to be a potential invitee, please fill out this form. We have limited space, and we want to make sure the vendors accepted pair well with wine. So please know up front that we won’t be able to accept everyone who asks.

If you have questions, let us know at the help desk ( Please also note that this event will overlap with our ongoing River Market.


What are the hours of this event?

Hi Tracy - 12 pm to 4 pm.

When will vendors be notified if they were accepted?

Hi Lauren - since the form just went up on Wednesday, it’ll probably be another few days before we’re able to sort through the applicants. If you need to pursue another opportunity in the meanwhile, we’ll understand!

Oh no problem at all!! I was just trying to get a better idea for the purpose of prepping products. That all sounds great. Looking forward to it!

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