SipTN Wine Festival 2021 (June 5)

Join us for a special treat as we host Tennessee Farm Wine Growers for an annual event that features 15 local wineries. You’ll be able to taste wines from each grower, talk with them individually and buy from them directly. It’s a unique opportunity for wine lovers!

This was a fantastic event in 2019, sadly was cancelled in 2020 and happily returns this year – at a slightly reduced capacity. As such, we are also reducing the number of vendor booths allowed; space is limited to about 20 vendor total, and we are seeking those who best fit into a wine tasting experience.

Fees are that of a normal Chattanooga Market event: $33 setup + 10% commission. Vendor setup will be at 10am, with the festival taking place noon-6pm.

To indicate your interest for joining this event, please apply here: Interest Form


I absolutely loved this event in 2019! I am SO happy it is back this year!

It is a great venue, hope to be part of it.

This sounds like a great event! When will we know if we have been approved as a vendor?

Robert Emery Chocolate

It won’t be long - we have quite a few things we’re working on, more announcements forthcoming. The mad rush of Spring is upon us

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Any update on the Sip?

Yes! We are sending out the enrollment details today – a complication with our ticketing system derailed us, but we are now back on track

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Thank you Chris!

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Looking to be a vendor for this event. What do I need to do? I can’t access the interest form

Already filled - sorry!

No problem, thank you!

It looks like the Wine sip event is filled up but I’m not sure. Can you confirm? Also, we are a new vendor - Artist Jeff Fulkerson. Is it possible that spots open up?

Thank you for your help!
Roxanne Fulkerson

Hi Roxanne – yes, Wine (and Beer) are full. Hopefully more space options next year!