What to Expect This Sunday

We have so many new vendors that I thought it would be good to describe what our themed festivals look like…When we feature an in-season item (this Sunday is Strawberry Festival), vendors always enjoy embracing the theme by created products (even jewelry) that include the featured produce. So, for this Sunday, think about strawberry shortcake, strawberry lemonade, strawberry candles, strawberry lotion…you get the idea!!

We’ve trained our patrons over the years, and this is what they are hoping to find when they come on this BERRY popular day. So when it’s Blueberry Festival next month, you know what to expect! It’s going to be a great Sunday, the crowds will be similar to last Sunday—just so you’re prepared. Enjoy these Sunday Fundays!

Oh, and it you want to make things really fun, decorate your booth in the BERRY fun theme too :strawberry: :strawberry: :strawberry:


Also, please send me some pictures of your strawberry creations for social media! Melissa@publicmarkets.us (include good quality pic, description of what your making and social media handles)

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I will have two strawberry paintings to you tonight!!

We had our strawberry jalapeno salsa today!