Ticketing Glitch/Change

Our event registration/ticketing system, which has operated fairly reliably for a few years now, is suddenly not working very well. The existing markets currently posted are working OK, but adding new events is a different matter - they just fail. I’m officially befuddled.

Rather than fight with the software further, I’m exerting my human dominance over machine and kicking it the curb… and replacing it with a shiny new model. Your access to the new registration calendar will not change (this forum and the vendor portal will remain active), but the actual ticketing process is moving to a system called SignupGenius. If any of you registered to get your vaccine shot with the Hamilton County Health Department, it’s the same system they use – and how I found them. They are successfully handling about 20 million registrations/month, so I am optimistic they will be able to handle a few more of our markets.

A few of you who signed up for the SipTN event were just sent registration details using this new system; it seems to be working smoothly. We’re going to be adding the Beer Fest registrations next, then rolling future markets on it (Collegedale July, Chattanooga July and a few other special events). It’s a very simple platform, and in many ways better than what we were using before.

If you would like to give it a test drive, you can register for one (or more) of the sample market events here: Click Here to Register

One feature that I like about this new platform is one that a lot of people have asked for – if you create an optional account, you can view all of the events you have registered for. See below:

It also has some improved messaging features (including the ability to receive text messages about an event, in addition to emails), and we now have the ability to do some other requested administrative tasks on the back end much easier than before.

So maybe this is all for the better! Give the practice event a whirl, and I think you will like it. We will be posting July registrations to Collegedale and Chattanooga online soon, along with the upcoming special events surrounding Memorial Day and July 4 weekends.

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So for those of us who paid for July, is there anything we need to do?

We’ll take care of you, Susan!

Hey Chris, we also already paid and signed up for the 4th of July in the old system. It’s not showing in your new system. Just a heads up.

Thank goodness we did the season pass.

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Got it. We’re still working on the transition – everyone who registered on the old system will be taken care of. It’s not a simple/quick fix!

The Season Pass does make it simpler for those attending every week. But I think the new hosted system will work great, once we get it setup. We just weren’t expecting this to be needed, especially mid-season.