Weekend Report 6/11

It felt a bit lighter this weekend, possibly due to the hazy air and incoming storms, but vendor sales remained solid – even if they were a bit more subdued.

Also, we’re finalizing the Holiday Market 2023 details, and will be launching registration soon. Early Bird registrants will need to make a payment (either full or partial) no later than July 31 in order to maintain their spot; after Aug 1, we will release the Early Bird booths into the general pool. All fees are due in full by Oct 31.

We currently have 80 unclaimed spots for Holiday Market; registration will go online soon, and is expected to be a sellout. Please watch the vendor forum for the open registration announcement. Early Bird registrants will be sent an invoice via email.

Vendor: Segment ↑ Venue ↑ Sum of Gross Sales Average Gross Sales Record Count
Concessions First Horizon Pavilion $24,644.56 $912.76 27
Tennessee Aquarium $3,893.40 $1,297.80 3
Subtotal $28,537.96 $951.27 30
Food & Agriculture First Horizon Pavilion $49,186.16 $848.04 58
Erlanger Medical Mall $1,855.94 $371.19 5
Tennessee Aquarium $7,562.61 $581.74 13
Subtotal $58,604.71 $771.11 76
Home Goods First Horizon Pavilion $20,283.96 $450.75 45
Erlanger Medical Mall $1,009.00 $144.14 7
Tennessee Aquarium $9,717.15 $485.86 20
Subtotal $31,010.11 $430.70 72
Personal Goods First Horizon Pavilion $22,487.42 $535.41 42
Erlanger Medical Mall $490.00 $163.33 3
Tennessee Aquarium $7,303.56 $405.75 18
Subtotal $30,280.98 $480.65 63
Services First Horizon Pavilion $8,274.00
Tennessee Aquarium $640.00
Subtotal $1,350.00
Total $157,347.76 $637.04 247

How do we sign up for early bird booth selection for the Holiday Markets? If I skimmed over this answer, sorry for asking!

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Hi Emma,

Participants in Holiday Market have the option of Early Bird renewing during the month of December, prior to the final day of the series (that last Saturday is the cutoff). It provides guaranteed continuance to those who desire to return the following year, same-spot/etc.

After the cutoff, all enrollments are closed until we reopen registration in the summer; July 1 is the historical target, but we are a bit ahead of schedule and may open up a few days early this season.


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