2022 Holiday Market Load-In Timeslot

In an effort to minimize load-in congestions, we are providing load-in slots for vendors on Friday, December 2. In order for this to work, it requires your cooperation:

  • arrive on time for your load-in slot, but do not arrive too early
  • unload your vehicle quickly to your assigned booth location, and then move/park your vehicle elsewhere outside of the loading zone
  • once your vehicle is parked outside of the loading zone, you can take your time and setup for as long as is needed.

The last load-in slot will be 8pm, and we will go lights-out by 10pm. You may also return at 8am on Saturday to continue the setup process.

Finally, this registration form is configured to only allow those who paid and registered for Holiday Market to secure a load-in slot. You must use the same email address to register as was used on the original paid registration.

Register for a load-in time slot here:

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when can we sign up ?

Now. Follow the link above

The link isnt working.

Hi Brandie - it should be working now!

For some reason, I’m not able to sign in for a slot. Hive Holistics would love a 3 o’clock load in, please.

Hi Liberty - I added you guys to the sign up list. You should be cleared to sign up now, but let me know at the help desk (help@chattanoogamarket.com) if you still have trouble.


Got signed up. Do people typically bring PopUp tents if they need them indoors? We like to have ours but didn’t want to be the only one. Thanks!

Hi Liberty - you can bring a tent, but don’t have to. Fewer people use them inside the convention center than at the pavilion, but you definitely won’t be the only one.