2023 Food Trucks (Season Pass)

We had a number of issues over the last year or two with the stage-side food court, primarily driven by the echos of 2020. Moving forward, we will be returning to a fairly predictable food truck arrangement/approach:

  • the stage-end food court area will be reserved food truck/concession locations, featuring providers who attend most every market
  • certain locations in the front of the building are also scheduled as reserved locations; Fro-Daddy donuts is a good example.
  • Season Passes will be required of these permanent trucks; we are mostly filled already, and the remaining slots will be determined by both who requests a season pass and their sales history/tenure with the market
  • use this form to Request a Season Pass

This is not to say that less frequent food truck participants are not welcome. All other food trucks will be placed in the front street area, which was quite vibrant and successful last year. In fact, some providers prefer to distinguish themselves and be located in this area. Registration and space allocation for less frequent use will occur through our normal Signup Genius approach.

Which brings me to one final point:

  • possessing a Season Pass does not obligate you to be positioned in the stage-end food court area; you can choose a strategic position in the front/street area, if desired.

Note that Chattanooga Oktoberfest® and other special events will experience a layout modification, and are not included in the Season Pass (details to be published closer to those special events).

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