2023 Market Fees, Booths and Season Pass

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Thanks for the video regarding upcoming Season 2023. Looking forward to April 28th


Thanks for the update Chris. Request sent not sure if it went through correctly.
Also not sure of the number of River markets, but we will be at pretty much all of them ,as well as the Chattanooga Market as usual.

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I haven’t counted the number of markets either – in the 30s is about right. See you soon!

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Did my request go through ?

it did – we are finalizing our new vendor process this week, along with a bit more tidy-up on the forum/handbook, and will begin processing the SP requests next week. Have a great weekend!

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Sara, Chris… request sent. Oops Still struggling with vision after surgery. But, doing great!

When the Season passes become available, I would like to get another one, please.I’ll be checking for future announcements.

Thank You,

I signed up for a Season Pass. If possible, I hope to have the same corner spot as I utilize all sides.
Thank you again,
Susan Parry

Just sent my season pass request(s). I’m hoping for booth H18 again if possible. Big changes for 2023. Thanks and see everyone soon.

Done and done, can’t wait to see everyone in April!! - Luther


Hey Chris, Thank you for the update. I have submitted the application. Wasn’t sure the total number so I said 31 for how many I can attend. As of right now there are only 2 Sundays that I know I can’t be there.

Just checking to see if my request for a SP went through too.
Thank you again,
Susan Parry

yes – it is taking a while to process everyone. Thanks for your patience!

No worries–just checking–Thank you

Hello. I just registered for both the Chattanooga and River market season passes. I wasn’t sure how many markets there are so I just put all since I know I will be at every single market. Is that okay or should I redo it?


got it! no need to resubmit

Thanks for my invoice, looking forward to Opening Day

Hoping we are next door neighbors again this season!

Hey there! Sorry I can’t seem to find this information so will ask here. For those that do not have a season pass, is there still a morning roll call and you pick your Sunday spot based on availability and points?