A Thank you and Holiday Market Day!

It’s 2020… so I’m taking any opportunity to celebrate something good!!

I want to say THANK YOU to all of our vendors for making load-in a breeze yesterday. It went incredibly smooth even in the pouring rain for most of the day. I truly do appreciate it and it’s makes our job just a tad bit easier on a long and hectic day.

Today was an awesome day! It was great to see vendors selling and customers shopping safely. On our rough count of sales for today we did nearly $68,000 in sales which would rank in the second for the 1st Saturday of Holiday Market! Simply incredible! People are wanting to support local in a safe environment and that is what the Holiday Market provides!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow which based on historical trends is one of the better days of the Holiday Market!

Doors will open for vendors at 9 am and to the public at 11 am!

P.S.: Help us help you! Tag the market on Social Media!

See y’all in the morning!


Please correct me if I’m wrong.1. there is no load in time for the second week vendors 2. Sat the 12 doors open for vendors at 9 am and for public it’s 11. But if u need to load in. U can at 8am? 3. Set up can be left overnight and broken down Sunday after close of market?
I know I have alot of questions and concerns but this is a first of smthing of this magnitude for me. Is there smone I can talk to or text about the volume of product I should bring?

Saturday hours are 10am-5pm, vendor access begins at 8am. You should have plenty of time to load-in/setup.

We don’t offer guidance as to how much product you should bring - that’s your expertise. I will say that our average vendor sells $500-600/day, although we’ve seen sales reports into the thousands some years (depends on the product/season, and whatever might be in fashion). Learning what to bring, how to merchandise and sell is part of the adventure - and it’s a different process for every artisan. Good luck!