Additional Staff Announcement

I’m pleased to share that Jake Bass will be joining us as the primary Market Manager of the River and Erlanger markets, and Assistant Manager at the Chattanooga Market.

Many of you already know Jake - he’s been working with us at the Chattanooga Market for almost a year now on our crew team. Jake is a full-time student, studying to become a teacher, and has several more years of college to go before reaching that goal. His schedule allows him to work with us during the core event days (Fri-Sun), so he’s emerged as a natural choice for heading up our River and Erlanger locations.

On Sundays, Jake will be recognized as the senior lead of our market crew team, and will continue to work closely with Jim and Brandy to make our Chattanooga Market a great experience. Jake is not afraid of work, which is a big reason I like him – quite a bit of what needs to get done during large events isn’t for the timid. But he’s also an intelligent, thoughtful and goal-driven spirit, which makes for great leadership potential.

We’re excited to be working with Jake, and be sure to congratulate him on his promotion!


Congratulations Jake!