All Markets Cancelled

Hi Chris. Wouldn’t the market be considered as “essential services” for the farm and food vendors? I’m no lawyer by any means and wouldn’t want to risk anyone’s health but our farmers and food folks this is their livelihood and I know they have to be hurting. My understanding is the bans don’t apply to essential services. I’m sure our professional vendors would take all the precautionary measures and then some to protect their customers , fellow vendors, and themselves. Booths could be set up every other spot for distancing. Just some thoughts I think about them everyday.

Good question. I have been working directly with health and government officials, and we are more of a risk to public health as a mass gathering than a benefit as a local food system during this particular chapter of life.

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Hoping there was a way to put systems into place( wipe stations, every other booth, social distancing: maybe putting feet decals or makers on the floor so people know how far to stand away. etc.) to allow them to provide purchasing opportunities for the public in light of the current shortages and allow them to keep the lights on.

I understand, and appreciate your brainstorming with us. For now, our best approach to move through this quickly is to help with crowd disruption and hope it helps to minimize the duration that we must remain closed.

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Is this still the plan? Do we have an official date for the opening weekend?

No. This is an old thread. There is not yet a firm opening date.