Vendor Parking 2024

We are just over one week away from Opening Weekend, and things are falling into place nicely - it’s going to be a terrific season. I’m not certain if I actually had much time to decompress over the break, but am still looking forward to seeing everyone again – Spring is one of my favorite times of the year.

One friction point which we had last year now has a good solution. The following changes are being made effectively immediately, and I believe it will solve several frequent problems we observed last season.

There are two facilitated areas for vendors to park during Chattanooga Market events: the Pavilion permit lot (shaded in yellow), and the State gravel lot just south of 20th street (shaded in green). The two red lots are for market customers, and require hourly payment through the kiosks or other posted means – market vendor parking permits are not recognized in the red lots, and will result in a parking fine.

Pavilion Lot
The pavilion lot will work as it has in the past, with all Season Pass vendors receiving their permanent 2024 parking pass during registration/load-in on Friday April 26. 100% of our Season Pass vendors will receive a parking pass, and they are entitled to park in the Yellow Permit Parking lot.

In addition, we will have paper parking passes to provide all non-season pass online registrations with one paper Day Parking Pass. We have sufficient quantity for every registered vendor to have one parking pass each.

What is changing? Vendors will not be provided multiple parking passes – there is not sufficient parking spots for vendors to take multiple, which has been the issue in the past. But happily, there is another simple solution.

Green State Lot / Vendor Parking
Finley has negotiated use of the State Lot, shaded in green on the diagram, just across the street for free use for vendors during our market events. No permit is required to park in this lot, which is equal in size to the pavilion lot. If you need to park multiple cars, or have people arriving later in the day to help you out - direct them to this State lot.

If you need multiple parking spots for your booth, one is available in the pavilion lot and the remainder may use the green state lot.

If you park in the red zones, you must pay per hour as instructed by the signage - market permits are not honored in those areas.