August Markets Available

Registrations for the August Markets are now available for approved vendors at

Early Bird Holiday Market registrants are currently being emailed invoices; general enrollment will go online this week.

will we get a email notification when general enrollment is up?

You bet. It’s taking a bit longer because I am working on a booth selector enhancement, so that you can choose your own spot. Fancy stuff, but new - and a bit complicated on the backend. But I think it will make people happy

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It has been a while since I’ve been to the market.

I’m signed up and paid.

What time do I have to be there tomorrow? (Sunday)

I tried to sign up for the 8/7/2021 River Market, but for some reason my card didn’t go through.
Now the sign up tells me “I’ve exceeded the quantity limit”.
Am I signed up for that market? And how do I get back to the pay screen.

Thank you.

Try again - it’s a two-step process (reserving the spot, followed by payment), and apparently it takes a few minutes once a payment doesn’t process correctly before it resets and lets you try again. The feature which prevents you from double-booking the same market twice is the cause of the delay, but it seems to fix itself within a few minutes.