Holiday Market Early Bird ends Sat Dec 18

My apologies, I made an error during a recent post regarding the Holiday Market Early Bird Registration deadline. I mistakenly listed Sun Dec 14, 2021; the correct date/deadline is Saturday December 18, 2021 at 6pm.

We will spend a portion of Sunday verifying the booth locations of the registered/returning 2022 Holiday Market vendors, and securing the map for next season. For all other vendors, open registration will begin in July, 2022 – those spaces are assigned by the managers.

Returning registration must be made online; if you have difficulties, someone at the front desk will be happy to assist you with using the website on Saturday during market hours. We are unable to accept cash or checks this year – the online registration will be the definitive reference for 2022 Holiday Market participants. (As a bonus, you will have your Early Bird registration listed within your Signup Genius account to verify your registration! Super handy)

If you have questions, ask at the front desk prior to 6pm on Sat Dec 18. See you all this weekend!

That’s very disappointing no one said anything earlier. I would’ve loved to signed up for the early bird for next year‘s holiday even when we went to go and pay our dues today at the desk no one said a word about doing earlybird that’s really disappointing

So is there no way to go ahead and sign up for earlybird for next year? We were so busy restocking everything last night and I didn’t check my email and since no one bothered to say anything when we went to go and pay our dues today we missed the deadline again because we thought it was on December 14 so how can we fix this

This was originally announced on December 5; take responsibility for yourself.