Chattanooga Market: Parking & Procedures

Map Key

  • Green = Vendor Permit Parking
  • Yellow = Assigned Vendor Booths
  • Blue = Farm/Agriculture Overflow Parking
  • Red = Unloading and EMS/Safety Only - no parking

With the return to “normal” market operations, our vendor counts are closer to our historic norm than what we’ve experienced the last few years. Higher attendance levels requires a bit more structure - and recent public safety events in downtown Chattanooga has also caused us to verify that our emergency services are able to reach us easily and safely.

More portions of the Vendor Handbook are going to be shifted over to this forum soon, but I wanted to begin with the Parking & Procedures. The map/key above are largely self-explanatory, but let me point out a few details:

  • Do not park in the red zones without formal consent; we will tow you if necessary. You may unload, then move your car into a Green zone, but the red zones must remain accessible to emergency vehicles / public egress at all times.
  • Green zones are vendor permit parking - you must check-in at the front desk and acquire a day permit (one per vendor) in order to safely park in these zones. If you are not vending, then the pay kiosks are active for your use.
  • The yellow zones are assigned vendor booths (food trucks and outdoor vendors), and are not grab-and-go spots. Be sure to check-in at the front desk before setting up in these areas.
  • The blue zones are new - and set aside for the stocking/restocking trailers of our farms/agricultural partners. We will be able to use the fork lift to assist with crates better from the street, and this will make it simpler for setup/breakdown while keeping the area immediately adjacent to the pavilion clear for EMS.