Chattanooga Oktoberfest® 2022 - Food Services

We are only 71 days until Oktoberfest! It’s crazy how fast this year is progressing!

Every season, we work to step up our game and make all of our events better than the year prior. In 2021, Oktoberfest produced almost $400k in combined vendor sales, with Saturday outperforming Sunday due to the longer hours. It was quite the weekend, and the largest single-weekend in our 22-year history.

Food & Beverage is a massive part of the Oktoberfest experience, and this year we are going to curate and arrange our participating food providers in a way that better presents the theme-appropriate offerings with the festival. Off-themed providers can still participate, but they will not be located near the main front stage.

We’re also looking for custom signage, temporary naming changes and other elements which embrace the fun and theme of Oktoberfest – Jade is famous for his Heidelburger (now retired), which was a tasty hamburger topped with a bratwurst. It was a very popular item, and propelled his food booth to the top of the sales list.

There is more to Oktoberfest life that a bratwurst – indeed, we have seen several BBQ vendors at other celebrations with custom menus adapting their specialties to the theme. Pizza was one of our top sellers last year, for instance – they created a speciality pie which hit the spot.

We prefer to work with our local partners to create a great patron experience, but in order for that to happen we need for you to think about what you can do to flow with the theme. Get creative, invest in signage and embrace your Oktoberfest spirit!

For inspiration, there is a full list of food offerings from Cincinnati’s massive event posted here:

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If you intend to participate in Oktoberfest this season, email us your intentions – what it is you intend to sell, how you will embrace the theme and what modifications to your setup/menu/appearance you will make. Those details need to go to our Help Desk at with the subject Oktoberfest

There will be a special Oktoberfest vendor meeting for the theme-centric participants between now and then to better coordinate logistics, supplies and pricing.


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