Chatter Magazine: Featured Coverage

How Chattanooga Market became the premier social spectacle of the season, with a look at several beloved vendors

We are honored to be heavily featured in this month’s Chatter Magazine, published by the Chattanooga Times-Free Press. Issues are available (for free) at most area groceries, although the online links are behind a paywall. In addition to coverage of the Market itself, several of our vendors are highlighted in the issue: Mike’s Monster Cookies, Federal Bake Shop, Marshall and Rose, Gorgeous Chaos Designs, MudHoe Pottery, Classy Chick Remade, Kei and Pete Petersen - and probably others, but those are who stood out at first pass.

We are appreciative of the great coverage, and encourage you to pick up a copy the next time you are out. For those who subscribe online to the CTFP, here is the link:


Such a great write up about our wonderful market community!! We feel very honored as well that we were able to participate in it! :heart:


They did a very good job on highlighting the market and vendors. Pete and I felt very honored and special that they ask us to be in it.

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The coverage continues— I’m just now finishing up an article about Jack and Ellie Pickett that will come out in the June issue


How exciting for Classy Chic Remade to be a featured vendor!! We love being a part of the Market family and the many customers who regularly come to shop !!!

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