Chattanooga Essentials Market

“The only constant in life is change” -Heraclitus

The only thing I can promise you about this season is that we are going to be rapidly reacting to change, and adapting as quickly as we can to get our markets back off the ground. A few mistakes are going to be made - these are imperfect times. I appreciate your understanding as we try to get things restarted.

We are dropping Chattanooga Market Saturdays for now – those of you who registered are being refunded online (to your CC) today. Vendor interest just wasn’t sufficient to make it a good experience for our customers, so we’re going to focus on Sundays.

If you are an arts/craft vendor who signed up for Saturday, we will be offering you first-opportunity to move into a Sunday slot. Just contact Tucker at and he will take care of you.

Both Collegedale and Chattanooga Sunday hours will be 10am-2pm. Without food trucks being allowed to participate, and onsite food/drink discouraged altogether, it is logistically difficult to keep people hydrated with longer hours. This shift will be reevaluated once our larger festival footprint is permitted again.

Setup for all markets will begin two hours prior to the opening time. The effort/logistics required to help 50 people setup is very different than 250, so we believe arriving as little as an hour before the market open will be fine for most people.

Finally, I’ve added a half-dozen arts/crafts booths to the Sunday May 24th date, and we are removing the single date registration restriction moving forward. Everyone that wanted a spot seems to have been able to register (we indeed had an extra arts/crafts booth or two open), so it feels as though everyone was polite/fair and plenty of supply was available. That’s terrific, really.

We are trying to help everyone ease back into this crazy situation, and I’m greatly appreciate the kindness and positive attitudes everyone has exhibited. Thank you, and hopefully this will be the last major change for a few weeks.

Quick Update: River is definitely going to remain both Saturday and Sunday – interest has been strong, and indeed it’s strategically aligned with the efforts of the CVB and Aquarium marketing efforts. We’re definitely proud and grateful partners with those two organizations.


Chris, it says 6 tickets remaining for 5/24 but won’t let me add our registration to the cart. ???

Might need to refresh your browser. I was able to add it to my cart

I have been trying for a hour to register for 5/31, for arts and crafts, Now says 2 left. I got in once but it was putting a ticket for both categories in the cart = $60 so I closed out and started again. Now keeps saying to try back. Suggestions?

Connie - just email the help desk. There are tickets available, not sure what problem you are having. But I’ll make sure it is addressed tomorrow.

It’s odd; not sure what is going on

thank you - I sent the email.

Interesting, I tried with my iPhone - it worked. Maybe something with my laptop browser, but I’m all good now.

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sometimes you have to clear caches on your computer; they think they are smart by preloading a bunch of pages, but occasionally that causes a glitch

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Thank you so much Chris and staff for all your efforts to help us and our shoppers adjust to the new normal. We’re in this together!


Hi Chris. I tried to register for the May 31 Chattanooga Market but saw it was full. I’ll like to register for June 7 (and others) but don’t see any other markets listed on the schedule. Am I missing something? Thanks, Eric.

right… I was waiting to see if some restrictions were eased prior to posting June, but they are taking a bit longer than planned. I’ll get June online today

Sounds great, thanks again.

UPDATE: June registrations for Chattanooga Essentials Market are now online.

I do anticipate that a limited number of Concessions partners will be allowed in June, so the category is currently included on the event listing - although no capacity is yet provided. Once we receive consent to expand, the listings will be updated.