Five Star Food Fight: Chefs Wanted!

Sunday, July 21st, the mists will part and the sun will rise on the Chattanooga Market’s annual Five Star Food Fight. Metal will be tested, recipes bested, and legends will be forged. Five will enter - only one will emerge victorious!

We’re looking for four market vendors (and only market vendors - not chefs with their own kitchens) with culinary cunning to enter the Market’s equivalent of Kitchen Stadium and face off against the Market’s “Iron Chef.” Last year, it was our own Executive Director. The year before, it was Yours Truly. This year, the chef to beat is Sergeant Robin Davenport!

Think you have what it takes to ascend to Five Star Food Fight glory and bring home the Allen Hampton original trophy? Before you enter the arena, you’ll want to know the rules of engagement.

  1. As a competitor in this special event, you will be shopping for your ingredients right at the Market on Sunday. We’ll provide you with $50 cash and 30 minutes to shop for most everything you’ll need. We’ll have a small pantry of simple things for you to access such as salt/pepper, olive oil, butter, and milk.
  2. You (and you alone - no sous chefs) will be making an entree for five judges and 1 emcee.
  3. The twist…drumroll…you will be given a secret ingredient (at the event) that you will be required to utilize in your dish! (HINT: it will be a protein)
  4. The event is an all-day commitment, so you’ll need to make sure your booth is covered without you.
  5. If you’re chosen and you commit, we will consider that a firm commitment - only the direst of circumstances would warrant backing out.

What we will provide:

  • 4 burner gas stove/electric oven by FiveStar
  • Prep table
  • Presentation table
  • Table cloths
  • Secret ingredient
  • Advertising/social media exposure/PR opportunities

What you will bring:

  • ALL PREP AND COOKWARE: Cutting boards, knives for preparation, pots & pans, bowls, utensils, pots/pans…everything you need to prepare your entree.
  • SIX sets of service ware for judges/emcee (plates, napkins, silverware)
  • Friends, family, co-workers to help cheer you on!!

Please note, not everyone who applies can be chosen. You should also know we’re looking for fresh meat. So if you’ve been a competitor in the past, feel free to enter, but know we will give new contenders the edge.

If you are undaunted by this fearsome fight to the finish, fill out the application here and you, too, may enter the hallowed halls of Food Fight lore. If you require additional information prior to entering the fray, please ask your questions in the forum so all may learn together.

Chefs, are you ready?

Allez cuisine!