2023 Market Season - Updated Market Documents

Elevated pollen counts, tornado warnings, and increased sinus pressure can only mean one thing! Spring has sprung in Chattanooga, and opening weekend is just around the corner!

Here at Market Headquarters, we’re in full preparation mode! On my to do list is getting all updated business licenses, health/agriculture permits, and certificates of insurance from of our regular vendors before opening weekend. I’ve sent out a few emails, and will likely send out a flood more over the next few weeks. But if you want to be a little more proactive and help me out, feel free to send them in to the help desk (help@chattanoogamarket.com)!

Looking forward to a great 2023 season!


Hi Sarah Im a little confused about the business licenses. I live in GA so do I need to go
somewhere in Chattanooga to get one? Im signed up for River Market on the 18th.
I will appreciate your help.
Thank You

Hi Jane,

You do need to have a City of Tennessee and a Hamilton County license; however, we can sell temporary licenses to you for the day for $1 each. If you’re going to participate regularly, then it might be worth your while to get permanent ones, though.


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I’ll further @Sarah 's statement by adding that you are also required to handle Tennessee Sales Taxes, not GA. You always need to comply with the state in which you are conducting business.


I put an application for a spot this year. I was not able to get in last year during the holiday. What’s the wait time to know? Can anyone check my application? I desperately need to get into the market.

You were sent a response on Feb 12 at 10:53pm, and viewed it. No progress can be made until you respond with answers to the questions asked; no follow-up email from you has been received.

The applications team can be reached at apply@chattanoogamarket.com

Just wanted to add to the conversation about licenses for out of state vendors - I am myself in GA so I talked to both the city and county over there and I was told that I would need to apply for a transient vendor license - which is only good for 14 days and costs about $50. So for me it will be more cost effective to just get a temporary license from you guys. Just thought I’d share in case anyone else has the same issue.
Business Permits - Transient Vendor Permit - ViewPoint Cloud