Holiday Market Information

Great news that we can keep it set all the time.


Hi, is there any option to be able to set up on Saturday morning, rather than Friday, for out-of-town vendors?

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I would like to confirm event hours:
Saturdays 10am-5pm
Sundays 11am-5pm

@Diana_Dubininkiene correct

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@lilysmithstudio sure. hours to be announced, but definitely by 8am. Our team will be onsite until 11pm for the Friday night load-in

So the number listed on the chart may not be the spot we are assigned?

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No, the space on the map above will not change. You will just need to check in before going to your spot.


Please help! I do not see where I am to set up. Did I overlook it? Please advise. Thank you!

Same. I’m driving 3 hours, so a Saturday morning setup is my only option too.

You are in space 101

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We will have a Saturday load in, but haven’t settled on a time due to figuring out staffing for early Saturday morning.

Hello Tucker, will we have WiFi service available at the Convention Center?

Yes, they do have wifi

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Tucker, Great! Thank you!

After unloading on Friday and moving our vehicles do we need to be gone by the end of the hour or can we set up past our hour unloading time?

You can stay as long as you would like after you unload. The hour is just to have your car in the back area of the convention center.

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Are there any updates on Saturday load instead, do we need to select a time?

You do not need to select a time, but you will not be able to drive in either. We will open doors for load-in at 8 am.

Lloyd said he would do the 1:00 unload on the first Friday. Let us know. I can’t find the time setup.
Beth Heaton

We haven’t published the load-in slots yet. That will occur in late November