Holiday Market Hours

A reminder that Holiday Market hours are Saturdays: 10am-5pm; Sundays: 11am-5pm

Several vendors left at 4pm on Sunday; this is not allowed and detracts from the consumer experience and hurts all other vendors. Please spread the word; repeat offenders will be suspended from future Holiday Markets.

We take the customer experience very seriously, as it strongly impacts your sales. If a customer sees someone packing up and leaving, it reminds them that they need to leave soon instead of shopping at the next three or four vendor booths. That’s not good for anyone.

Thanks! See you on Saturday


Are there any spaces available for the last weekend of the Christmas market?

Connie Extine
Connie’s Creations

I’m one of those offenders. I thought we could leave when sold out. I just took my empty bins on my cart. I truly apologize if this isn’t allowed.

Check with the Market Manager first – our goal is to keep the venue in full shopping mode until close.

Contact the Help Desk

I totally get it. Sorry for last Sunday.

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Will there be a time Friday that vendors can come into the hall? What is the earliest one can enter on Saturday? Thanks!

7am on Saturday – Brandy will be onsite to aid with early arrivals

OK. Thank you much! Be well!