Important Announcement: Holiday Market Changes

Are our spots 10 x 10 the same at the Chattanooga Market ?

For the most part, yes. Some people have double booths, and a few a shared split booth.

Random question that is holiday market related. Is the market time for Sunday’s 11-4 or 11-5? On the FB event page it says 11-4 on the top but in the description of the event it says Sundays 11-5. Just want to make sure I have all the times correct. Thanks!

Chattanooga Holiday is 11am-5pm on Sunday

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We will all be fine. Remaining set up in the venue is a luxury, I am grateful not to have to break down after the 2nd weekend. We are pros at set up and break down.

Because of all the farm animals I care for I request Friday set up for the 2nd weekend. Thank you.

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We’re going to let people come whenever they are able – Friday setup will be late, however (9pm-ish). The prior events that day will be loading out while we are loading in…

Are you aware of any near by parking for vehicles with trailers?

You may park inside the FT Pavilion - it’s not being used. Just keep the entrances clear so that others can enter/exit (our CPD use the place frequently).

Others park on the streets

How late will we be able to load in Friday night? Can we show up around 10pm?

Yes. I’m going to send out an update soon