Important Announcement: Holiday Market Changes

“Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes the bug” – Mark Knopfler

It’s been a challenging day, with a variety of unexpected (and previously undiscovered) changes taking place regarding Holiday Market. I’m frustrated by them, and you will be as well; ultimately, our options are limited and we’re choosing to work harder to keep the last two weekends on the calendar. But I apologize now for a communication gaps and logistical inexperience by external forces which have created a bit of a Nightmare Before Christmas for us.

Two Major Changes

First: the location of our event within the venue has shifted. We are normally in Halls B, C and D (see the map above). This year, we have been placed into Halls A and B. The square footage is the same, and the overall vendor booth layout will be the same - but we’re all shifted to the right. Your booth setup, neighbors, and proximity to walls should all be the same. But EVERYONE is officially in a new physical spot exactly one hall to the right; load-in will occur from the Southern ramp at the loading dock, not the Northern ramp we’ve normally used.

Second: We must completely vacate the building after the first weekend. Yes, I know - this is contrary to what we shared with you, and contrary to what we were told and planned for. But having spent the entire day trying to find an alternative solution – there isn’t an alternative. We have to move out between Weeks 1 and 2.

The reload is going to be challenging, too. We can regain access to Hall B about 8pm on Friday, and Hall A about an hour after that – the events that were scheduled into both of those locations are going to be loading out, and we’re going to be cross-loading as quickly as possible. Additional load-in time will begin at 6am on Saturday.

To Recap:

  • All Vendors Must Load-Out after Weekend One. We recommend that you go light on the decorations this first weekend.
  • Reload for Week 2 will begin 8pm on Friday, 6am on Saturday. We are hoping about half of the vendors choose to reload in on Friday night, and the other half on Saturday.
  • The entire footprint will be shifted into Halls B/A

I know this stinks, and I apologize – it’s not a situation we control, created or can remedy (I’m drinking an Adult Beverage now, as my BP is elevated and it makes me upset, too.) But given the choice between canceling the last two weekends of Holiday Market (which are the best weeks of the season for many artists), or working some long hours to pull this event off – we’re going with the hard work ahead.

My team, who is scrambling to digest all of the changes and figure things out, will be at work tomorrow to answer your questions by email or phone call. Please be kind - they are equally frustrated, as this is a surprise and inconvenience for all of us. We are going to take a few days off to spend time with their families on Thanksgiving, then we will be back in full swing the following week. I will personally be at Collegedale Christmas Market on Saturday, November 30 to answer any questions - if you want to come by and chat with me in person.


Wouldn’t it be easier to leave those in the B hall there and just move those in the C & D hall to the A hall? That way at least half of the vendors will already know where they are setting up and less people would need directions on where to go.


Patricia Davis

I’d love to see the map to know which building I am in please.


I understand the frustration of having to make changes but the changes are very difficult for us because we live 1&1/2 hrs away and have a huge set up. With these changes would it be possible to break down Saturday of the first week instead of waiting until Sunday. Having the change in setting up late Friday or early Saturday second week will mean extra expense with a hotel for that weekend for us cutting into our profits. We are looking forward to this event we are hoping ya’ll could work with us on this first weekend. My wife works on Monday morning therefore breaking down on the first Sunday would also cost her a day at work once again cutting into our profit. We are open to your suggestions.
Thank you,
Rick Armstrong
Shoreline Art
256 503 7394

You were originally in Hall C… you will now be in Hall B.

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Due to the set-up of how the “original Hall B” is with the cafe, stage and double spaces this can’t be done! Trust me we thought of it!

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Hey Rick! Will you email and we will see what we can work out with you.

Thank you for understanding.

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How can we pick the time we want to load in on the second weekend?

We are working through that…we will let you know in the coming days.

Hey Tucker,

No battle plan survives contact with the enemy. :slight_smile:

I will just load in on Saturdays. What time do i have to be there and be set up?


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You are correct!

I would shoot for between 7 am or 8 am on Saturday.

I’m sure you will do your best. So we as vendors have to keep that Holiday Cheer going!!
We’ll get thought it.


@davispatw – the core problem is that other events were scheduled for Halls A, B, C, and D; they didn’t leave room for us anywhere, nor ample time for us to properly reload. It’s quite a challenge, and only discovered by chance while we were reviewing some last-minute paperwork.

I have try to call but no answer could you please tell me what hall im in please and i guess i will find out my space when i get there to set up my time is between 4 &5
Thank you Elaine Newton
Knots of love.

Thanks for the heads up. Will you be booking load in times for the second weekend? I have a two hour drive to get to you, and it helps me to know as soon as possible if you will be booking load in times or not…and if so, when we will be able to reserve. I realize you are scrambling to sort it all out right now. Just wondered when we might know. I am sure it will be a fabulous market! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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You will now be in Hall A.

We’re going to have to practice our cart load out - we haven’t had to do one in years! :scream_cat: But we’ll manage.

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@NanOwen - as everyone will know where they will be setting up on for the second weekend (same spot as the first), I am hopeful that the reload will go smoother/faster. I don’t know if we will be scheduling in fixed appointment slots, but I will be sending out a survey to see when people intend to arrive for staffing purposes.

That information will likely go out in physical/paper form (a checklist at the front desk during Holiday Market). We’re learning/creating on the fly for this scenario, so having the personal conversations and trying to meet your needs is part of the process. We can stay very late on Friday, or start very early on Saturday as needed to make it work.


A little off topic-ish, has the map of the market layout been made, I might have to have other people set up for me week two​:confounded::weary:

It has, and is at the printers. Will try to get an online version posted here next week