Important Holiday Market 2019 Announcement

Our annual Chattanooga Holiday Market occupies Exhibit Halls B, C and D each year; for orientation, our stage is placed in Hall B against the wall which separates us from Hall A.

Hall A has been not been occupied by us to allow for other events to use the facility without disrupting our setup. That’s worked our fairly well in the past, but this year Hall B (in additional to Hall A) is going to be in use by another event Dec 11-13. This means that we must vacate Hall B after the first weekend, and setup again before our second weekend.

It’s a pain, but it’s part of the deal - we don’t actually rent the facility during the week (they simply allow for us to remain in place as a favor/convenience). So there are a few things we are going to do to make things slightly easier this year:

  • We’ve asked the Venue to flip the active concession stands from Hall D to Hall B; this will allow for us to flip the setup of the vendors towards the back of Hall B to the left (Hall D), and allow for them to remain in place.

  • There are some open spots in Halls C/D from people who did not early-bird renew in December; we are going to allow Hall B early-bird renewals the option of switching locations (from what’s available, based on priority points, etc) if desired.

  • Finally, moving out of Hall B doesn’t necessarily mean packing everything up and taking it home – tents, tables and the like can be scooted over to Halls C/D for that week and scooted back early Saturday morning Dec 14. As such, we’re going to staff up a bit heavier than usual Sunday Dec 8 to help move fixtures, and again Sat Dec 14 to help move them back.

It’s definitely a hassle, but they’ve done us solid with advanced notice and time to plan. If you are confirmed for Hall B and wish to permanently move your spot into Halls C or D, contact the Help Desk and we will add you to the request-to-move list. Discussion to this post will be read, but you will not be added to the move list unless you submit a Help Desk ticket.


I wasnt aware that the layout ws already made, is there a way for us to see where we have been placed already?

When you Early Bird Renew during the final week of Holiday Market, it is generally to keep your exact same spot. The layout typically does not change from year to year.

If I understand correctly, I can move my booth Sunday evening the first weekend. I can move it back to my original spot Sunday evening the second weekend. Where I move it I don’t get, but it’s a long time off. I’ll get it by December.

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If you are in Hall B, yes - you can move into one of the other areas Sun night and then move back early Saturday morning for the second weekend. We will help you stack/store your items, tents, etc. somewhere it will be safe for that week. Probably in a hallway/near the front desk area – just for temporary safekeeping.

I was actually remembering you being in Hall D, however. Maybe that was a year or two back… time does blur the years together!

Sweet, I early
Bird renewed however Steve emailed me about a month ago and apparently my payment never was received. It’s been paid now but that had me worried.

Now I’m confused as to where my booth is. If I need to move, when will the location be selected?

I don’t think I am in B but how do we know?

Good Qs - we will dig up the map and find the markings which indicate the different halls. Give us a few days

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Thank you I was wondering if our booth was in the affected area.

If you are in Hall B you will be contacted in the next couple weeks to arrange for you to switch if possible to Hall C/D. If you are not contacted then you will be good to go.


i was in hall d last year so i should be fine, thanks for the heads up market team!

New vendor here, when do we sign up for the holiday market?

Hi @Tmyrick – Christmas in July :slight_smile:

We open Holiday Market enrollment July 1. Holiday Market vendors who early-bird renewed in December will keep their spots, and the empties will be made available to everyone else at that time. Details will be announced here, so you are in the right place


When does enrollment open? I’ve been trying all morning and it’s not listed yet. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Where do you register?

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RSVP system - the same one used for every market event

I believe I was in Hall B - but not exactly sure. I did not want to move, but under the circumstances I would prefer to move if I have to knock down, if I have that choice since I did sign up for early registration.

It’s too late for any additional changes; the event is packed, and our opportunity to shuffle ended a few months ago. But regardless, we’re going to be helping people to pack/shuffle to the other side of the wall that week, so it won’t be all that burdensome.

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