It's Oktoberfest Week!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s also one of our busiest - so a few reminders:

  • registration for Oktoberfest ended several weeks ago; if you didn’t sign up in advance, then you won’t be automagically enrolled for this weekend.

  • setup is on Friday after 1pm. If you are unable to setup on Friday, then Saturday at 8am is OK - but you will need to be in place before 10am. No cars will be allowed into the venue on Saturday.

  • Sunday setup will also need to occur very early for our farms – crowds will arrive early, and they stay late. Expect a 5pm market closing time on Sunday.

  • We will not be around to answer your emails or phone calls on Friday; if you have a question, ask it now.

Our other markets move forward as previously scheduled:

  • Erlanger is cancelled on Friday due to an internal craft show in the medical mall
  • David will be managing Collegedale on Sunday 11am-4pm
  • River is closed for the season

That about wraps it up. As with all of our themed events, please dress in festive German attire and be prepared to dance and be silly this weekend - it’s our busiest and most popular event of the Fall!

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