Oktoberfest Setup

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Vendors can load-in for setup starting at 2pm on Friday (not earlier), and we will be onsite until 6pm or 7pm. Overnight CPD security will be onsite through the weekend. No walk-up vendors; advance registration is required.

If you need to load-in on Saturday, arrive no earlier than 7am and no later than 9am; the roads will sealed at 9:30am, so no late arrivals please. The Sunday-only participants should also arrive between 7am-9am; crowds will arrive early on Sunday, and stay late.

Absolutely no parking on the sidewalks/entrances for this event, please. We’re expecting large crowds, and we need to put on our safest and most pedestrian friendly hats.

Saturday hours: 10am-8pm; Sunday hours: 10am-5pm.


Hi Chris, will the food trucks be able to leave our trailers there over night with electric?

Possibly. Trucks going to the back will have more reliable access to power than in the street, although a low-amp 110v might be possible for several trucks out front.

Thank you Chris,
Could you tell me where I’ll be parked and if I have the ability to plug in? Just trying to plan for this big weekend.

How are we suppose to get more water for the food trucks?

In 20 years, it’s never been an issue. If you need to take vehicle out to replenish - do so. You will need to be placed on the outer edges, however, to leave / so be sure to avoid the central section when being placed.

CORRECTION: Sunday hours are 11:00 am - 5:00 pm