License questions

I just want to make sure I am clear. I applied for my business license for Hamilton County for the $15. If I am reading the code correctly the Transient vendor fee is paid by the promoter, and I am only required to pay $1 when I arrive.

Hi Greg - if you have both the Hamilton County and City of Chattanooga licenses, then you won’t need to pay for any licenses at the market. If you only have one or the other or neither, then we can sell you the one(s) you’re missing for $1 each for the day.

Thanks Sarah. I applied for the Hamilton County one but the city license, if I read it correctly was $50 and was only good for 14 days if you are out of state. Did I read that correct?

Your statement is unclear; Hamilton County is the county business license, while City of Chattanooga is the city license. I do not believe you can acquire a City license without also being registered for a Hamilton County license – the governments work together to make sure you pay them both taxes.

Chris, Is there a chance you could give me a call? 706-936-0266

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