V. E. 4. Holiday Market Fees

Setup / Registration Fees

Holiday Market is a prepaid (advance registration) event; no walk-ups are permitted.

Single Booth, full event: $445 + 10% sales commission

Double Booth, full event: $890 + 10% sales commission

Electricity is $50 in advance or $75 if requested the day of the event.

Upon registration you will be given the option to either pay your fees in full, or to pay a deposit and setup a payment plan.

*Vendors interested in only one or two weekends will be placed on a waitlist and space will likely only become available due to cancellations. For the last several years we have completely filled the space with vendors participating in all three weekends.

Daily Sales Commission

Each weekend attending you will be given two envelopes: one for Saturday and one for Sunday. Please turn in your envelope with the 10% commission at the end of each day.

Government Permits & Services

If you do not have permanent business licenses or a State of TN Sales Tax Registration then we can offer temporary permits. Read here for further information.

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