Load In (this weekend, 12/13-15)

I will be onsite tonight (with several others) to help you with the load-in starting at 9pm; if you can not arrive prior to 11pm, probably best to wait until Saturday morning. I plan on sticking around until at least midnight.

There will still be events loading-out when you arrive, so it’s going to be a puzzle - your spot may not immediately be available. But we can get your gear inside, and hopefully close to your spot, to make the process easy. (The guys who break down stages/sound systems don’t tend to hang out unnecessarily - it’s fascinating to watch how fast they can break down. So I’m hopeful they will be nearly gone when you arrive)

Saturday morning load-in can begin at 6am, and the entire venue will be ours by then. The loading ramps may be busy, but bringing your own cart will help.

Thanks for making this as easy of a process as possible! We will have some Christmas Cheer for you on Saturday



I’m a bit worried about getting my pottery up the ramp on my dolly. Will both ramps be available for vehicles?

Hall A is behind schedule. If you are in A, you might want to wait until tomorrow. The center is now saying an 11pm-midnight access point for Hall A

Hall B is on track for 9pm load in.

Guy at gate said we could come as early as 5am, is this true or is it still 6?

Hall A is locked until 5 am tomorrow

We are now loading into Hall A! Tucker will be onsite as early as 5am tomorrow for those who wish to come in.

The walls are being stuffed into their cubby

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I havent been able to find any info on the space size, and also we have to bring our own tables right?

Spaces are 10x10 and yes, you have to bring your own tables.