Market Conduct Reminders

Happy Monday!

After an eventful weekend I wanted to take the time and remind everyone of a few things:

  1. When parking at the Market please park in A PARKING SPACE. The side walk is not a parking spot. I also noticed a lot of vendors parking in the grass we provide parking passes for a reason please use them.

  2. We had multiple vendors get ugly with staff members and other vendors the last two weeks. Please be considerate of others and keep your nasty comments to yourself. If you have a problem come find a Market Manager to let them handle it. Code of Conduct

  3. Our operating hours are 11am-4pm. Please do not pack up before 4pm. I saw several vendors packing up well before closing yesterday. I know it was slow but we still had customers in the Market shopping and when you start packing up this causes the customers to stop shopping and leave.

I want to thank all the vendors who have participated in the Market this year we have had an outstanding Market Season! Now let’s make the next eight weeks the best yet!