Market Milestones

Last night was a bit of a Market milestone - the first time we’ve every had a midnight load-in for an event. Not the greatest thing to celebrate, but sometimes the awkward moments become the scars that define the market experience.

Which got me thinking about the past, and prompted me to dig into my photos for more memories. Who was here/remembers:

  • When we took over the Market after it failed in 2007? Our first vendor meeting inside the Stadium Club (when we all could fit!)

  • when the Market had a climbing wall?

  • Life before the Big Ass Fans?

  • When we held Holiday Market at the Pavilion, and enjoyed 18 degree weather? The Holiday Market Too at Warehouse Row? The first move into the Convention Center?

  • The General Store at Warehouse Row? The General Store at the Aquarium Plaza?

We’ve done some great stuff together. Next year is our 20th Season! I think I’m going to work on some form of web album to capture some of our history – please go through your own photos, and pull out a few which portray special moments. We really have very few from the early days, and it would be fun to share some of those.


I remember all the old times, being an oldster myself! Can’t believe I’ve been hanging out at the market for so many years!

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