Market Registrations

You can register here for markets: or you can click the RSVP button on the top right corner of the webpage.

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Is it possible to see the names of those already signed up, as was the case with the old system? Would be helpful going forward, not to mention verifying my registration has been ported over from the glitchy registrations for July.

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If you create the optional account, SignupGenius has a feature where you can view the events you are registered for. Here’s an example from my account:

The way it displays registrants (one per line) would make it unwieldy for others trying to signup (especially on a mobile device) for our larger markets with 200+ participants. Creating an account to remember the events you’ve registered for is a much better approach!

I have sent you several emails since last December and have never heard back from you. Has your email changed? What is the best way to contact you?

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I haven’t seen them come across. You can email and that will go to our Helpdesk.