Event Registration 2022 - Account Required

One of the changes that will be coming in 2022 is that a Signup Genius account will be required in order to register for our markets/events. The account is free, doesn’t take much time/effort to create, doesn’t flood you with SPAM and junk, and you can even link it to your Facebook profile for a one-click login if that appeals to you. (Facebook is not required, however, which appeals to me!)

To create a Signup Genius account (if you haven’t already), simply go here and punch in your name/email address:

That’s pretty much it, done!

Now, why is this important? Because it provides you with a consistent experience and ability to easily verify what events you are registered for, as shown in the graphic below:

There is even a cool calendar view:

Both views will list events you are registered for; this is my personal account, and I do not have any upcoming events, thus it is blank.

Why is this a big deal? An overwhelming number of Help Desk questions pertain to vendors not knowing if they are registered for events or not. Once you have an account, this is a self-service question! 100% of our 2022 events and registrations will be managed through this system, so requiring an account will reduce confusion and improve our vendor support capacities in other areas.

If you have questions about how to create an account, or use Signup Genius, ask one of the Market Managers on Sunday (or during the Holiday Market series) to help you with the process. We’ll also hold our annual Spring Vendor Gathering where onsite mentoring can also be provided.