Market Report - Fall 2022

As we clip into Fall, and enter our final stretch of the outdoor season, I’m happy to share that we are having a record year! Reported Vendor Sales are in excess of $4.1 million, with 5,440 vendor booths so far this season, vs. $3.4 million (4,771 vendor booths) last year. If we dial the way-back machine to pre-pandemic, we posted sales of $2.9 million with 6,269 vendor booths during the same year-to-date timeframe.

I’m very impressed with the quality of our vendor base, and we have maintained good comfort for our patrons as a transition out of COVID. Our vendor averages, for the most part, have grown – a few vendors appear to be underreporting their sales, and I would encourage everyone to remain financially accurate in their business dealings:

There is no sense in dwelling on the actions of the minority, but we do reserve the right to inspect sales records at any time - and such inspections have led to some dismissals. Thank you to everyone who engages business with integrity – your actions are the foundation of the Market.

Fall Projections
Oktoberfest last year were exceptional, and we’ll be happy if we even get reasonably close to the same level. In 2021, we did over $1.7m in sales in October through December, with Holiday Market posting $750k for the three weekends alone! It seems quite possible for us to approach $6m this season – which is incredible to consider.

But all waters are not calm – the economy is rushing towards recession, driven by wars, supply chain shortages and increasing fears about the future. We’ve been through these cycles before, and will certainly see them again – not everything can be predicted, planned for or avoided. The entrepreneurial trait which few people really have is the ability to endure the tough moments and survive; many quickly give up when the world shifts against them.

2023 Changes
Some significant changes are coming to the Market next year, as we consider the balance between seasonal vs. frequent market vendors, our weekly themes, security protocols and other complexities which drive our timelines and costs. My goal is to focus on the vendors who are productive, happy and motivated to remain with the Market.

Finally, here is a category-driven sales comparison of the Market YTD

edit: I tried several times to make the table simpler to read, but you will probably have to zoom in from your phone, etc. Technical issue I can’t quite figure out!


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