Market Report September, 2019

Moving forward, I’m shifting strategy with our periodic Market Reports – what once was weekly will now become a monthly update. We will still publish more frequent announcements about upcoming events, but the statistics and other details (which typically work better over a broader timespan) will be a bit less frequent.

For the year to date, we’re starting to see some nice, stable and somewhat predictable trends between the various markets/locations:

  • Chattanooga Market, First Tennessee Pavilion: $605 avg sales/vendor
  • River Market, TN Aquarium Plaza: $255 avg sales/vendor
  • Erlanger Market, Medical Plaza: $219 avg sales/vendor
  • Collegedale Market, The Commons, $151 avg sales/vendor

There is a caveat with that last metric – the Collegedale numbers include the Wednesday Market, which was substantially less well attended/frequented than the weekend market (thus the averages do not reflect the actual foot traffic)

Here’s a better example: the recent Collegedale Market Apple Festival (Sep 22) posted total vendor sales of $13,295, with an average vendor sales of $429. Three vendors sold more than $1k, and 80% of the vendors sold more than the $151 average shown above. The mid-week market is definitely a different animal, but there is not a simple way to separate those stats from this generated report.

The Special Events typically post our highest average vendor sales (Head of the Hooch, which is open for registration, is one of our strongest partnerships and highest performing events (particularly for Food Trucks).

On a 2018 vs 2019 comparison basis, we are currently at $2.95m for 2019 vs $2.73m last year - about 7% higher. That’s really good, and puts us into a solid position as we enter the Holiday Season.

Holiday Market is officially sold-out; there are opportunities remaining at the Collegedale Christmas Market, but they too will end. My appreciation to those of you who stay on top of the current offerings, make the deadlines and benefit from the mix of events.