Market Report 8/23

It’s been a bit since I’ve done a proper Market Report, and a nice email from an active vendor wanting to know how their category sales compared to others has prompted me into this listing.

For all Markets/locations, we have posted $3,165,810 in combined vendor sales, averaging $741.58 per market/day. That is about a half million better than 2021 (YTD), and over $900k better than 2019! The growth in sales has been amazing, and we are enjoying the best season in our history. Furthermore, we have less active vendors this year than has been our historical trend – so the average sales per vendor is higher than ever.

Apples to Apples, Oranges to Oranges as the saying goes – not all things are created equal. Intuitively, we all know that a farm is going to sell at a different sales level/volume than a soap artisan, and that higher-end art has more irregular sales patterns (with higher-highs and lower-lows) than a product which is easily consumed week-per-week. Seasonality is also a factor – the Holiday Market strongly favors the artisans, while the dog days of summer lend themselves to the abundant harvest of tomatoes, peaches and flowers.

How do you compare? Here’s the average sales per category for this year to date:

Another set of YTD metrics for the curious:

  • Chattanooga Market: $2.7m
  • Erlanger Market: $87k
  • River Market: $522k

River has been strong this season, and I have some additional information to share in an upcoming post. We also have an exciting announcement about Erlanger, which I will also share separately.

Finally, we have have a lot of new vendors who have recently joined us - and we’re happy to have them. As you know, everyone starts with 0 points – and you earn points based on participation and sales success. Here is a shout-out to the Top 10 Market Vendors, with their Priority Point standing:

  • Miller Company (Lemonade) - 1,100.26
  • Chattanooga Brew Brew - 1,080.60
  • Rosemary Knoll Eatable Delights - 900.83
  • The Sugar Shoppe - 821.10
  • Bluff View Bakery - 745.16
  • Sleepy Hollow Farm - 677.40
  • Daylilies LLC - 641.49
  • Sky-Dog Boutique - 611.60
  • StoneLink Designs - 596.56
  • Macrame by Betsy Laurent - 596.23

Many thanks to these Market Elders for their active involvement and successes - we are happy to celebrate your endurance and popularity.


In the Top 10 for the season!! Thanks to all our customers. In our 10th season getting in the top 10!!

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We have been long time members can you tell us where we stand in points?

Actually, Greg - that is the Top 10 of all Active Vendors (multi-season). Even more impressive!


email the Help Desk, Kei – or ask a market manager on Sunday

Well slap our backs!!! WOW
Thanks for the clarification.

Thank you, Chris for the opportunity to sell our products

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Way to go Betsy and Greg! Well done.