2010-2019 Market Report

A few fun facts on this cold, wintery day! For the time period between Jan, 2010 and Dec, 2019

  • 47,739 vendors attended 334 markets at the First Tennessee Pavilion for total sales of $24,875,015 (avg: 478/day)
  • 5,835 vendors attended 239 markets at the River Market for total sales of $1,698,427 (avg: 286/day)
  • 156 vendors attended 4 markets at Warehouse Row for total sales of $42,561 (avg: 268/day)
  • 1,261 vendors attended 27 special events for total sales of $2,272,769 (avg: 885/day)
  • 276 vendors attended 28 Ringgold Markets for total sales of $28,559 (avg: 106/day)
  • 7,814 vendors attended 53 Holiday Markets at the Convention Center for total sales of $3,287,213 (avg: 459/day)
  • 2,128 vendors attended 97 markets at the Collegedale Commons for total sales of $362,536 (avg: 141/day)
  • 1,040 vendors attended 67 markets at Cambridge Square for total sales of $130,796 (avg: 121/day)
  • 2,053 vendors attended 143 markets at Erlanger for total sales of $483,130 (avg: 239/day)
  • 46 vendors attended 9 markets at Erlanger East for total sales of $6041 (avg: 130/day)

Totals: 68,348 vendors selling $33,187,051 of goods/services averaging $337/day

The Record Count on the far right of the table above indicates how many vendors were in each category during the past decade; clearly, some categories have shifted over the years and been combined with others. But it’s about as clear a picture as we’re going to get for now.

Kind of interesting, isn’t it? With inflation factored in, I expect that the market will gross somewhere in the $50 million range over the next decade. That’s makes me proud of Chattanooga, and of our local farms and artisans!


You guys do a GREAT job!